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Embrace Your Identity, Create Your Destiny


An in-person 4-week course tailor-made for women ready to design a future that leverages their potential and is filled with purpose and passion. Discover your unique strengths, values, and dreams as you build unshakable confidence in self-awareness and goal setting. Connect to your authentic self while equipping yourself with the tools to create a life that is significant and deeply fulfilling. Each session provides a nurturing space for self-exploration, setting goals and overcoming setbacks, while guiding you to craft a vision for a future that sets your soul on fire. A group of like-minded women will work together to foster, community, encouragement, accountability and support. 

Create Your Blueprint

  • Once you have purchased a coaching session or workshop series online, I will contact you to schedule. Have questions or don't want to book online? Contact me at and we can work it out together.

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